HT120-IIIASF Paper Tube Machine

  • Maximum Production Output: 260 pcs/min(When Tube length is 700-900mm, The equipment is running full speed, outside these range when you make long tube or short tube, the capacity will be reduced.)
  • Tube Length: 470-1200 mm
  • Tube Width: 280-650 mm
  • It has two function of flush cut and stepped ends cut. When it is stepped ends cut, paper to paper width is 10-20-30mm( can be adjusted)
  • Number of Ply: 2-4 plies. (It can be added a PE moisture proof film between paper plies, then can make 4 layers paper+1 PE film or 5 layers paper.)
  • The range of cut length which can set on the touch screen, don’t need to change different size of gear.