Technical Support and After-sales Service

  • 1.The seller provides life-long technical support and services for the equipment.

  • 2.The seller shall send professional and technical personnel responsible for the installation and debugging of the equipment and training of the buyer’s staff. The visa handing fee, round-trip tickets from Luoyang to the final destination, all expenses incurred during the round-trip, local transportation expenses and personal insurance expenses in ** are borne by the buyer. The buyer shall arrange translation personnel to provide on-site installation and debugging and personnel training services,and the expenses shall be borne by the buyer.

  • 3.During the period of work to the buyer, the buyer is USD**/day by the buyer to pay the seller’s technicians/day/person.

  • 4.During the work and operation of the buyer’s final equipment, the buyer shall be responsible for the accommodation and transportation of the seller’s personnel and bear the expenses.

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