Square bottom machine export video

Recently, our company exported a square bottom machine, which is a part of the bottom gluer (the intermediate transmission is 10500*2050*2166 and the weight is 19.429 tons). A total of three 40 cabinets have been arranged. This is an open-top cabinet.

Luoyang Huatian Packaging Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.was established in 1996, which is specialized in paper bag machinery and paper bag research and development, manufacturing enterprises.

Huatian company high-speed automatic valve mouth paste paper bag production equipment, since put on the market, with its high degree of automation technology advanced stable quality characteristics of easy operation, generally by the industry recognition and praise the equipment is the most used domestic paste paper bag production equipment, more than dozens of paper bag paper bag equipment manufacturers are using Huatian company, and we share the economic benefits of advanced technology of high-speed growth.

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