Introduction of performance advantages of valve bag making machine

With the in-depth advancement of industrial automation, valve pockets are more and more used in the packaging of various industrial products, such as: grain, cement, lime, fertilizer raw materials, and chemical products. Because of its good sealing and moisture resistance, it is deeply loved by users. The following bag making machine manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction to the performance and advantages of valve bag making machines.

Performance of valve bag making machine

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

1. Mechanical properties

The glue-free hot-pressing process seals firmly and safely, and the entire bag body is evenly stressed in the event of a drop, avoiding the weak link of the sewing pinhole of the sewing bottom bag. At the same time, the valve bag is conveyed by the permanent magnet chain in the bag making machine, which will not damage the bag body, and the position is accurate during transportation. By rationally setting the punching device, the bottom seal of the bag and the valve mouth piece are bonded to each other, and the valve mouth edge is firmer, which can ensure that the high-speed filling bag is more stable, and the quality and yield of the valve bag production are ensured.

2. Use performance

(1) Good sealing: Use the bag tube with film to ensure the sealing of the bag body. At the same time, there is no needle stick during the processing, and the leakage of powder is not easy to occur after filling.

(2) The valve pocket is characterized in that it is automatically closed after the valve port is filled, and the degree of closure is high. If necessary, it can be tightened by hot air pliers to achieve the degree of tight closure. After filling, there is no leakage, and it is clean and beautiful. , Surface packaging without adhesive turbidity or other stains.

3. Automation performance

(1) Equipped with a double-roller micro-hole punching device, when powder products such as cement are filled at high speed, the fine micro-holes can ensure that the air in the bag can be quickly discharged to achieve higher efficiency filling. And because the micropores are fine. Coupled with the configuration of the two-way microporous roller, the leakage of the powder filling can be avoided, and a good waterproof and moisture-proof effect can be achieved.

(2) The valve pocket is in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped brick after filling, with neat stacking and high stacking layers, which is convenient for transportation and mechanized loading and unloading and storage.

(3) The valve port of the valve pocket can be used for manual bag insertion or mechanized line filling of automatic bag insertion. Even when filling powdery materials with high requirements such as cement, the speed of the automatic bag filling machine can also reach 5600 bags in 1 hour, greatly improving the production efficiency.

4. Low cost

(1) Square bottom valve pockets are produced without expensive adhesives or sewing threads.

(2) The product quality is high, the scrap rate is low, and raw materials are saved to a large extent.

(3) Only one operator and two auxiliary personnel are required to operate one machine per shift, which can save a lot of labor and reduce production management costs compared with the production of bottom-seam bags. In particular, the low consumption of raw materials and the absence of adhesives greatly reduce the production cost.

The above is the introduction about the performance of the valve pocket bag making machine, I hope it will be helpful to you. In addition, with the wide application of valve pockets in the market, the demand for bag making machines that produce valve pockets has gradually increased. We have rich experience in the production of valve bag making machines, square bottom machines, and paper tube machines. Welcome if you need it. Call to inquire.