What is the difference between a valve bag and an open bag?

Open bag and valve bag are two types of packaging bags that are widely used as production product packaging. We often use these two types of packaging bags in our daily life, but many people do not understand how these two types of packaging are used. What is the difference between the production, let’s take a look at the difference between the valve bag and the open bag, and what are the characteristics of the valve bag packaging machine and the open bag packaging machine.

Valve bag

1. Features of valve bags

First of all, we need to understand what type of packaging bag is a valve bag, in order to understand the valve bag packaging machine vividly. As the name implies, there must be a “valve”, and the bag body is sewn up and down, leaving a feeding port for machine filling. (valve). The valve bag is divided into an outer valve bag and an inner valve bag. The principle of the sealing method is: when the goods are filled, the contents will squeeze and seal the valve port from the inside to achieve the purpose of sealing, and the outer valve port will be filled with the material. It needs to be manually folded, and the inner valve bag is automatically sealed after the material is filled.

Relatively speaking, the valve bag packaging is accurate in weighing, more beautiful, easy to stack, and does not need to be re-sealed, which saves manpower and increases production efficiency. The stable buildup on the top makes it safer to transport.

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

2. Application fields of valve bags

Widely used to store cement, sand, animal foods, fertilizers, grains, coffee beans, food, powdered and granular commodities, salt, plastic resins and building materials, etc.

3. Valve bag packing machine

For different packaging bags, its packaging machines are naturally divided into valve bag packaging machines and open bag packaging machines. Valve bag packaging machine can also be called valve bag bag making machine. The packaged products are loaded into the bag from the filling port under the action of pneumatic or mechanical power. The valve bag packaging machine is an automatic quantitative packaging machine designed for materials with strong air affinity, low bulk density, good self-flow, or fine powder or ultra-fine powder. It is mainly divided into: impeller packaging machine, pneumatic packaging machine, spiral packaging machine.

The open bag


1. Features of open bags

From the point of view of the bag itself, the open bag is a straight tube with no seal on the upper side and a paste-bottom structure on the lower side. The packaged products are put into the bag under the action of gravity or poured directly, and then stitched and packaged by an industrial sewing machine. All kinds of woven bags and convenience bags we usually use can be called open bags.

2. Open bag application field

Open bag packaging machine is mainly used for quantitative automatic packaging of granular materials and powders, such as grain, feed, food and other industries.

3. Open bag packaging machine

The open bag packaging machine is composed of feeding control, rack, pneumatic control facilities, etc. The open bag packaging technology is low in content. After the material is filled, it needs to be sealed again. The open bag packaging machine usually needs to be equipped with packaging equipment. It requires a lot of labor costs, but because of its low cost, it is also widely used in all walks of life.

After reading the above, what is the difference between a valve bag and an open bag? Valve bag and open bag processes and styles differ, as do all applicable packable products. Huatian Packaging produces valve bag bag making machines. If you need such products, please call or leave a message.