Valve bag packaging machine solves the problem of material packaging for you

At present, there are generally two types of packaging bags in packaging machines, one is an open bag packaging machine and the other is a valve bag packaging machine. Their packaging machines are also varied. Next, I will share with you several valve bag packaging machines with multiple functions.

First of all, the valve bag packaging machine first appeared in front of the public is the cement packaging machine, that is, the impeller packaging machine. The materials suitable for packaging are powders and small particles with good fluidity. It is also the first generation of valve bag packaging machines. Its disadvantage is that the measurement is not very accurate, the error is relatively large, and the dust is relatively large during the working process.

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

The second is the small screw packaging machine. The valve type small screw packaging machine is suitable for packaging powders with good fluidity, small particles and mixed materials, which can be well packaged, with high precision and less dust. This type of packaging machine is more popular with customers, and it can be well packaged for general materials.

The other one is another style of valve port packaging machine. It can pack a packaging machine for pigments such as chrome oxide green. It will not be blocked or out of materials during the repackaging process. This improved packaging machine is suitable for clogged materials are easy to pack.


This valve port type packaging machine is also a packaging machine that has been designed and modified. It is aimed at the packaging of various types of titanium dioxide. In the process of repacking, there is a problem that the material is blocked and the material is not discharged.

Then there is a double-screw packaging machine for packaging ultra-fine powder. This packaging machine is designed with an impeller and a small screw, and is aimed at powder materials.

Finally, let’s introduce the most outstanding valve bag packaging machine – negative pressure packaging machine. Its appearance is simply a typical representative of the blue and the blue. It can package carbon black and silica and some nano-level materials can be packaged. Just add a vacuum chamber to the outside of it, so it’s easier to pack. It can be said that the negative pressure valve bag packaging machine is the most advanced member of the valve bag family. It has high technical content and has been carefully researched and developed by technical personnel.

These multifunctional valve bag packaging machines bring high efficiency to the majority of users and save a lot of packaging costs.

Paper tube machine operating procedures and precautions

Paper tube machine is an important mechanical equipment specially used for paper tube production. Many industries will use this equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the paper tube machine and ensure production efficiency, when we use the paper tube machine, we must follow the paper There are also many problems that need to be paid attention to in the use of equipment.

What is the operating procedure of the paper tube machine?

1. Before work.

(1) The environment around the paper tube machine should be kept clean, and the materials and related auxiliary tools to be processed should be prepared. The operator should wear tight clothes or fasten the clothes. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to wear skirts, slippers, and loose hair to operate the equipment.

(2) Check whether the various parts of the paper tube machine can work normally.

(3) Before starting, use a special tool to clean the abrasive shaft, remove the excess glue in the mold shaft, and then blow it with compressed air.

(4) Be sure to refuel the brass sleeve before starting the machine.

(5) Before starting, the ventilation valve must be refueled frequently.

paper tube machine

2. Work.

(1) Before entering the job, the operator must go through relevant training, know how to use the equipment, understand the structure and principle of the paper tube machine, and understand the safety protection.

(2) Untrained or unqualified employees shall not use the paper tube machine.

(3) When operating the equipment, operators should keep their energy and concentration, and must not drive desertions to avoid accidents.

(4) When cutting the paper tube, keep a certain distance from the machine, and wait for the paper tube to be placed before cutting.

(5) When the equipment is running, if it is found that the machine is abnormal or faulty, the machine should be stopped immediately and the abnormality should be dealt with in time.

(6) During the operation of the paper tube machine, the operator is not allowed to leave the work post without permission. When leaving, the power supply needs to be cut off.

3. After the work is over.

(1) After the production work is completed, all power must be turned off, and the tool must be placed in the designated position.

(2) Clean around the machine and maintain hygiene.

4. Regular maintenance.

(1) Keep the inside of the machine clean.

(2) Regularly check the lubricating parts, and refuel the motor, runner, etc. in time.

(3) If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and covered with a protective cover.

(4) Check the parts from time to time to ensure that they can work normally, and there is no looseness or wear. If there is any fault, it should be repaired in time.

paper tube machine

Matters needing attention after the paper tube machine is started

1. Check whether the printing ink meets the order requirements.

2. Check whether the adhesive meets the requirements.

3. Shaft sleeves, slide rails, cams, oil holes and other parts should be fully lubricated.

4. When the power is turned on, check whether there is anyone near the device, and remind to pay attention to safety.

5. Open the vacuum pump to verify the vacuum pressure, and open the air compressor to check the pressure adjustment of each part. After confirming that it is normal, connect the exhaust facility of the edging machine, run the exhaust, and open the glue pump to check whether the glue amount is normal.

6. After everything is confirmed to be normal, manual operation should be performed first to check whether each operating part is normal. If there is any fault, the fault should be eliminated first, and the semi-automatic operation should be used for production after confirmation.

I believe that through this article, everyone has a further understanding of the operating procedures of the paper tube machine and the precautions for the use of the equipment. If you need to know more about the paper tube machine, please feel free to contact us!

Bottom paste machine installation and debugging steps

Bottom paste machine is a device used to produce valve pockets. It is usually used together with drum making machine. Bottom paste machine is mainly designed and manufactured by photoelectric, electromechanical and pneumatic integration technology. The working process is mainly controlled by photoelectric PLC automatic control system program. Finish.

The bottom gluing machine is mainly responsible for unwinding and overprinting the bag body of the valve pocket, and the bottom gluing machine is responsible for the sealing of the valve pocket. Glue, turn over the bottom of the bag and other processes to jointly produce the valve bag. The bottom paste machine can realize automatic feeding, gluing, transportation and other processes, instead of manual operation, which greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, it can be more convenient and save some raw materials.

Because the bottom paste machine is completed by PLC photoelectric program automatic control system, its feeding speed will not be limited by the structure, and it will change with the speed up and down of the frequency modulation motor.

Bottom paste machine

The installation and debugging steps of the bottom paste machine are summarized as follows:

1. Before installing the bottom gluing machine, you should carefully check the work order and samples, determine the glue used for the gluing box, and prepare it;

2. Adjust the width of the bottom baffle to be pasted, the two sides should be parallel, and just put down the semi-finished color box to be produced, the distance between the two side baffles is less than 1mm from the color box, and then adjust the limit bolts to ensure that each product to be pasted passes smoothly. and no fetters appear;

3. Adjust the slope and height of the bracket in the bottom area to be pasted to ensure that the pasted products can pass smoothly without other obstacles. After pressing, adjust the auxiliary guide rail and flow wheel to make the size suitable for the specifications of the color box to be pasted;

4. Adjust the bottom paste belt and bottom paste guide rail, and then adjust the bottom paste main machine and the wheel closing pressure to cooperate with the cross of the belt;

5. Adjust the glue tank and check whether the glue in the glue tank is sufficient. The amount of glue should be immersed in 80% of the rubber wheel, and then adjust the glue tank and the glue position;

6. Turn on the power switch, the main motor switch and the vibration switch key. After the machine is adjusted, press the “run” or “inch” key, press the “feed” key to debug the machine, and check whether the machine performance is abnormal, and there is a skew phenomenon. correct it immediately.

7. After the debugging is ok, test 5-10 pieces of the machine first, confirm the position and forming specifications, and then adjust the speed of the machine;

8. When pasting the bottom of the color box, pay attention to the state of the paper at the bottom of the pasting, not over-line, off-line or misplaced, so as not to affect the appearance and forming effect of the color box;

9. First confirm: Strictly follow the first-piece signature method;

10. After the production task of the bottom paste machine is completed, the machine should be cleaned in time to keep the machine clean.

The above is the relevant introduction of the installation and debugging steps of the bottom paste machine. If you need to know more about the bottom paste machine, you are welcome to log in to our official website to browse, or you can inquire.

What is the difference between a valve bag and an open bag?

Open bag and valve bag are two types of packaging bags that are widely used as production product packaging. We often use these two types of packaging bags in our daily life, but many people do not understand how these two types of packaging are used. What is the difference between the production, let’s take a look at the difference between the valve bag and the open bag, and what are the characteristics of the valve bag packaging machine and the open bag packaging machine.

Valve bag

1. Features of valve bags

First of all, we need to understand what type of packaging bag is a valve bag, in order to understand the valve bag packaging machine vividly. As the name implies, there must be a “valve”, and the bag body is sewn up and down, leaving a feeding port for machine filling. (valve). The valve bag is divided into an outer valve bag and an inner valve bag. The principle of the sealing method is: when the goods are filled, the contents will squeeze and seal the valve port from the inside to achieve the purpose of sealing, and the outer valve port will be filled with the material. It needs to be manually folded, and the inner valve bag is automatically sealed after the material is filled.

Relatively speaking, the valve bag packaging is accurate in weighing, more beautiful, easy to stack, and does not need to be re-sealed, which saves manpower and increases production efficiency. The stable buildup on the top makes it safer to transport.

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

2. Application fields of valve bags

Widely used to store cement, sand, animal foods, fertilizers, grains, coffee beans, food, powdered and granular commodities, salt, plastic resins and building materials, etc.

3. Valve bag packing machine

For different packaging bags, its packaging machines are naturally divided into valve bag packaging machines and open bag packaging machines. Valve bag packaging machine can also be called valve bag bag making machine. The packaged products are loaded into the bag from the filling port under the action of pneumatic or mechanical power. The valve bag packaging machine is an automatic quantitative packaging machine designed for materials with strong air affinity, low bulk density, good self-flow, or fine powder or ultra-fine powder. It is mainly divided into: impeller packaging machine, pneumatic packaging machine, spiral packaging machine.

The open bag


1. Features of open bags

From the point of view of the bag itself, the open bag is a straight tube with no seal on the upper side and a paste-bottom structure on the lower side. The packaged products are put into the bag under the action of gravity or poured directly, and then stitched and packaged by an industrial sewing machine. All kinds of woven bags and convenience bags we usually use can be called open bags.

2. Open bag application field

Open bag packaging machine is mainly used for quantitative automatic packaging of granular materials and powders, such as grain, feed, food and other industries.

3. Open bag packaging machine

The open bag packaging machine is composed of feeding control, rack, pneumatic control facilities, etc. The open bag packaging technology is low in content. After the material is filled, it needs to be sealed again. The open bag packaging machine usually needs to be equipped with packaging equipment. It requires a lot of labor costs, but because of its low cost, it is also widely used in all walks of life.

After reading the above, what is the difference between a valve bag and an open bag? Valve bag and open bag processes and styles differ, as do all applicable packable products. Huatian Packaging produces valve bag bag making machines. If you need such products, please call or leave a message.

What are the production control systems of the paper tube machine?

The high-speed automatic valve bottom paper bag paper tube machine is a linkage production line. The tube making machine is used to produce medium-sized stepped bottom bag tubes and straight-cut bag tubes. It needs to be used in conjunction with the bottom gluer to complete the entire valve bag. production process.

The bottom paste paper bag has low cost and high strength. It is widely used in the packaging of powdery and granular materials such as cement, chemical raw materials and grains. The paper tube machine is composed of multiple production control systems. Next, the paper tube machine manufacturer will introduce to you in detail what are its production control systems?

Features and functions of production control system of paper tube machine

HD100-ID Square Bottom Machine

1. Automatically correct the deviation of the paper

The paper feeding automatic deviation correction system is to make the paper edge of each layer of bag automatically run at the set position, to ensure the accuracy of the trapezoidal incision of the bag tube and the position of the glue, and it is an important automatic control function to ensure the quality of the bag tube and the glued bottom bag.

2. Automatic brake on paper break

When paper breaks occur at the paper holder, virtual cutting and the entrance of the main machine, emergency automatic braking is realized, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of traffic jam caused by untimely detection of paper breaks, shortens the processing time of paper breaks and reduces paper waste.

3. Bag cylinder output control

It realizes the automatic counting and grouping output of the bag tubes, and has the function of arranging the bag tubes, which lays a foundation for the bottom gluing machine to realize the fast bag tube feeding.

HD200D-IIIDJ Square Bottom Machine

4. Printing coordination control

Coordinated with the start and stop of the main engine, the automatic ups and downs of the printing roller and the automatic switching of the ink distribution mode are realized to ensure the accurate and clear printing.

5. Frequency conversion speed regulation

The frequency conversion speed regulation makes the adjustment of the running speed of the equipment stable, fast, low noise and energy saving. The unique multi-point speed regulation control scheme allows the operator to operate the paper rack, printing machine and main engine in addition to the console. Carry out operations such as deceleration, parking and signaling to improve the operating efficiency of the equipment.

HD200B-IIIDJ Square Bottom Machine

6. Automatic control of glue supply

After the paper bag is automatically glued by the layered virtual cutting and gluing system, the paper bag is formed into a bag tube shape.

7. Auxiliary control for paper roll replacement

Auxiliary control for paper roll replacement is provided, which can realize auxiliary replacement, add and supplement new paper rolls.

8. Automatic production statistics

The automatic output statistics can count the number of paper bags produced, which is convenient to understand the workload of the machine.

What are the production control systems of the paper tube machine? After reading the above content, you should have an understanding. The design of the production control system is concise and reasonable, and the operation is convenient and reliable. Personnel and power consumption ensure the high quality and low cost of the bottom bag product.

What are the process control systems of HD series square bottom machine?

High-speed automatic square-bottom machine can be referred to as HD series square-bottom machine, which refers to the square-bottom machine produced by high-tech automatic assembly line. There are many main functions of the process control system of high-speed automatic square-bottom machine. What are the PCS of the square bottom machine and what functions does it have?

HD series square bottom machine process control system

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

1. Opening quality control

Automatically detect the quality of the opening of the bag tube, and if the unqualified bag tube is opened, the bottom of the bag will not be glued, and it will be automatically removed at the exit of the main machine, and the bottom of the bag will no longer be compressed, which creates favorable conditions for manual renovation and reduces the cost of the bag tube. waste.

2. Empty bag measurement and control

It is one of the measures to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment by automatically judging the empty bag (passing without bag), blowing off the valve opening, and not applying glue, avoiding the possible shutdown caused by the invalid valve plate and gluing.

3. Traffic jam prediction and automatic braking

Once the square bottom machine is in serious traffic jam, it will be difficult to deal with, which will result in a long time of parking. This PCS has a unique traffic jam prediction function, which can quickly and automatically brake when there is a traffic jam sign, which significantly shortens the traffic jam processing time and improves the working efficiency of the equipment. At the same time, this function also has an important protective effect on the mechanical safety of the equipment.


4. Bag feeding control

When heavy bags appear, they will be automatically removed, and they will automatically stop when feeding is blocked.

5. Finished product group output

Users can set the quantity of each component according to their needs to realize automatic grouping and output.

6. Frequency conversion speed regulation and multi-point speed regulation control

The frequency conversion speed regulation makes the adjustment of the running speed of the equipment stable, fast, low noise and energy saving. The unique multi-point speed regulation control scheme, in addition to the console, allows the operators to feed the bag, the host and the finished product output. It can decelerate, stop and send signals at other positions, which improves the operating efficiency of the equipment.

7. Automatic control of glue supply

In the process of high-speed automatic square bottom machine, the paper bag is glued by automatic control of glue supply.

8. Automatic production statistics

The automatic statistics of output can count the number of production, which is convenient to understand the workload of the machine.

The above is the whole introduction of the process control system of the square bottom machine. During the operation of the square bottom machine, attention should be paid to the operation and cooperation of each system. Improper operation will easily cause material blockage and may cause mechanical damage.

What are the application ranges and functions of valve bags?

The valve bag made by the bottom paste machine has the characteristics of good moisture resistance, reasonable cost and high production efficiency. It is suitable for the packaging of various powdery colloidal products. effect.

Application scope of valve bag

1. Industrial aspects

It is a powder product packaging for building materials powder, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical additives, cement, quartz sand, cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol, dispersible latex powder and other materials. Due to the particularity of the product, the packaging bag must meet the requirements of moisture-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, easy to stack, not easy to slip, not easy to damage, impact resistance and so on!

2. Agricultural products

The valve bag is an ideal packaging container for powder, granular, flake, flocculent and thick materials such as fertilizers and pesticides used in agricultural production. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural packaging. The valve bag can realize high-speed filling, flexible valve port, neat stacking, strong firmness, no dust leakage, packaging, moisture-proof and moisture-proof. It is a packaging that is particularly popular and widely used by businesses. The use of the packaging bag saves production time and reduces labor costs for enterprises.

3. Food industry

The food industry requires environmentally friendly packaging materials. The valve pocket can just meet the packaging requirements of different products, meet the requirements of environmental protection and import and export packaging requirements, and can also be produced according to food hygiene requirements. Standing packaging, suitable for automatic filling of packaging machinery.

The role of valve bags

1. Shell protection

Items stored in packaging bags need to avoid extrusion, impact, vibration, temperature difference, etc. Anti-leakage is also a necessary factor in packaging design. Paste bottom bag packaging can separate items from oxygen, water vapor, and stains.

2. Physical protection

Some packages include desiccants or deoxidizers to extend the shelf life. Keeping food clean, fresh and safe during the shelf life is the primary function of the packaging bag. Vacuum packaging or removing the air from the packaging bag is also the main food packaging method.

3. The same package

Packing small items of the same kind into one package is a great way to save space. Powders and granular objects need to be encapsulated.

The above is the introduction of the application scope and function of the valve bottom paste machine. Since its establishment, our company has been focusing on automatic paper bag making machine, valve bottom paste machine, valve pocket bag making machine, valve bottom paper bag R&D, manufacturing and sales of complete sets of equipment and valve-to-bottom bags.

Why are valve pocket packaging machines so versatile

In the current enterprise development, the manual production mode has been completely replaced by mechanization, so that the entire production can be improved unprecedentedly, and the high-efficiency production process is also more standardized and unified. The advancement of technology and the popularization of mechanization have achieved the driving force for the development of many industries. The valve bag packaging machine has achieved a wonderful leap with the help of technology and has become one of the necessary equipment for commodity filling.

The valve bag packaging machine is the product of modern technology, which represents the realization and progress of global industrialization. According to the needs of the market, today’s valve bag packaging machines are divided into many small branches, and each has its own unique functions and characteristics, and the degree of automation has also been upgraded. The types of valve bag packaging machines currently on the market are: impeller type valve port Packaging machines, spiral packaging machines, pneumatic packaging machines, vacuum powder packaging machines and other products; they have unique uses in various industries, helping entrepreneurs to complete product packaging with good packaging quality and high efficiency.

The valve pocket packaging machine is an automatic quantitative packaging machine designed for various fine powder or ultrafine powder materials with low bulk density, strong air affinity, and excellent or poor self-flow.

The working principle of valve bag packaging machine:

1. The valve bag packaging machine uses the motor as the power source to drive the impeller in the discharge seat to rotate smoothly to achieve uniform feeding;

2. The sensor measures the weight of the material in the bag and inputs the measurement signal into the microcomputer. When the filling weight requirement is met, the microcomputer outputs the signal, and the sealing cylinder extends into the working state to seal the discharge port;

3. At the same time, the pull rod of the electromagnet moves up, and the material bag falls, so as to realize quantitative and rapid packaging of loose materials;

4. The material enters the grid wheel from the outer silo, and enters the ash hopper from the feed port on the machine base. The material is evenly sent to the discharge port through the smooth rotation of the impeller, insert the packaging bag, and lightly touch the travel switch on the right side of the feed nozzle. , the sealing cylinder shrinks;


5. The discharge nozzle is unobstructed, the filling starts, and the material falls into the bag smoothly;

6. With the increase of the material in the bag, the signal input by the sensor to the microcomputer is also constantly changing. When the weight of the material reaches the set requirement, the microcomputer outputs the signal, the sealing cylinder extends, and the discharge port is sealed. Move, the material bag falls, so as to achieve the automatic packaging requirements of automatic measurement and automatic bag drop.

The valve bag packaging machine not only improves work efficiency, but more importantly, saves costs and has a wide range of applications. Especially now that the difficulty of recruiting workers is a big problem, the labor efficiency is low, and the work enthusiasm is poor. The valve pocket automatic packaging machine has solved these practical problems for enterprises.

In the process of development, the valve bag packaging machine is constantly innovating, opening the way to new fields, daring to be the pioneer in the new direction of the market, and providing more convenient services for our customers. Facts have proved time and time again that Hawo Technology’s valve pocket packaging machine has taken correct measures and followed the pace of the times. The valve pocket packaging machine that can survive in the market still proves that it has withstood the test of the market.

What are the purchasing skills of the valve bag square bottom machine?

The valve bag square bottom machine is the main production equipment for the production of valve bags. Its purpose is to replace the manual mass production of a valve bag production equipment. With the wider use of valve bags and the increasing demand, people urgently need to use automated production equipment to replace manual production methods. Then the manufacturer of the square bottom machine will introduce you to the purchase method of the valve bag square bottom machine. .

1. Select as needed

When purchasing a valve bag square bottom machine, we need to choose according to the type and style of the actual product produced. Now there are square bottom machines on the market that produce plastic products, non-woven bags, and kraft paper bags. They are in The knives and sealing processes used in the production process are also different, so we need to choose a square bottom machine according to the material we actually produce the valve bag.

2. Select according to equipment parameters

We need to choose according to our production needs. Among the similar square bottom machines, we select the parameters to be compared, including production speed, accuracy, capacity size, accessories, materials, after-sales service, etc. In terms of expansion, it is the same price. The faster the production speed and the greater the production capacity, the greater the economic benefits. In addition to the speed, the accuracy and reject rate in the production process of the equipment, the quality of the equipment and the services that can be provided all affect the experience of our equipment, and they are all things we need to consider.

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

3. On-site visit

The direct way to understand the production strength of a product is to visit the manufacturer on the spot, observe the scale of the manufacturer, the level of production technology, the production site of the employees, etc. Of course, it also includes on-the-spot observation of the operation and production capacity of the equipment, which is also the process of purchasing large-scale equipment. an important aspect. Seeing is believing is more intuitive than what we know from salespeople or brochures.

4. Understand the equipment

It mainly depends on the functional configuration and materials of the machine. When you go to the factory to see the machinery, you must first look at the functional configuration of the square bottom machine, whether it suits your needs, and understand the working principle of the square bottom machine; secondly, you should look at the electrical components of the square bottom machine and various working mechanical parts. If the square bottom machine is equipped with good electrical components, then the machine can generally be used for several years or even longer; another is to look at the frame structure of the square bottom machine, whether it is made of thick and durable good steel , whether the paint is good (anti-rust).

HD200A-IIIDJ Square Bottom Machine

5. Understand after-sales service

Good manufacturers, their after-sales service must be in place. The perfect after-sales service has a formal purchase contract to protect the interests of customers, including quality assurance, on-site technical training and guidance for customers, on-site installation and commissioning for customers, technical support after customers are officially put into production, and propose solutions. and many more. A good after-sales service can solve many problems encountered in actual production for customer service, and protect the rights and interests of consumers to the greatest extent.

The above is the introduction of the purchase method of the valve bag square bottom machine, which also includes some matters that we need to pay attention to in the purchase process. Our company, as the production and research organization of bottom paste machine and square bottom machine, has rich experience in equipment purchase, use and maintenance. If you need it, please feel free to inquire.

What factors will affect the heat sealing effect of valve bag making machine

The valve pocket bag making machine can bond the bottom by heat sealing and gluing. At present, the heat sealing process is widely used in the market. Many factors will affect the heat sealing effect of the valve bag. Factors will affect the heat sealing effect of valve bag making machine!

Factors affecting the heat sealing effect of valve bag making machine

1. Heat sealing layer material

The type, quality and thickness of the heat-sealing layer material have a decisive influence on the heat-sealing strength. The thickness of the heat sealing layer material is generally between 20 and 80 μm, especially 100 to 200 μm. The commonly used heat sealing materials for composite packaging include CPE, EVA, CPP, hot melt adhesive and other blending modified films or ionic type. Resin co-extrusion. The heat sealing strength of the same heat sealing material increases with the heat sealing thickness, and the thicker the surface layer material, the greater the heat sealing strength.

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

2. Heat sealing temperature

The heat sealing temperature affects the direct heat sealing strength, and the unevenness of the melting temperature of various materials directly determines the heat sealing temperature. The practically selected heat-sealing temperature is often higher than the melting temperature of the heat-sealing material, which is affected by the heat-sealing pressure, the bag-making speed and the thickness of the composite substrate. The smaller the heat sealing pressure, the higher the required heat sealing temperature; the faster the machine speed, the higher the required heat sealing temperature. If the heat-sealing temperature is lower than the softening point of the heat-sealing material, it is difficult to make the heat-sealing layer truly seal. If the heat sealing temperature is too high, it will reduce the heat sealing strength of the seal and the impact resistance of the bag, and it is easy to damage the melt extrusion of the heat sealing material at the welding edge.

3 Heat sealing pressure

To achieve the heat sealing strength, a certain pressure is indispensable. For light packaging bags, the heat-sealing pressure should be at least 2kg/cm22. If the heat-sealing pressure is insufficient, it is difficult to achieve true fusion between the two films, resulting in poor heat-sealing of the joint part, and the heat-sealing pressure is not as large as possible. It is advisable not to damage the welding edge, too much pressure will easily squeeze out part of the heat sealing material.

HD200A-IIIDJ Square Bottom Machine

4. Poor cooling of welds

The cooling process is to shape the welded seam just after melting and heat sealing at a lower temperature under a certain pressure. If the welded seam after heat sealing is not cooled well, it will not only affect the appearance flatness of the welded seam, but also affect the heat sealing strength to a certain extent. If the cooling is not timely, the heat sealing edge will warp and the heat sealing strength will be reduced. The pressure is not good, the cooling water circulation is not smooth, the circulation volume is not good, and the water temperature is too high.

5. Heat sealing times

The more heat sealing times, the higher the heat sealing strength. The number of transverse heat sealing is determined by the number of sets of transverse heat sealing equipment on the machine; the number of longitudinal heat sealing is determined by the ratio of the effective length of the longitudinal welding rod to the bag length. The number of times of heat sealing is required to reach at least two times. The general bag making machine has two sets of hot knives, and the higher the degree of stacking of the hot knives, the better the heat sealing effect.

6. Heat sealing time

The heat sealing time is also an element that affects the sealing strength and appearance of the weld. Too long heat sealing time or too many heat sealing times will also cause the weld to wrinkle and affect the appearance. The same heat sealing temperature and pressure, the heat sealing time is long, the heat sealing layer fusion bonding is more sufficient and stronger.

In summary, there are several factors that affect the heat sealing effect of the valve pocket bag making machine. Do you understand? If you have any requirements for the valve pocket bag making machine or the bottom gluing machine related products, please feel free to contact us.