Overall scheme design of paper yarn composite bag square bottom machine

The bottom paste process of traditional paper yarn composite bags mainly adopts the method of artificial bottom paste, which has low production efficiency, uneven specifications and low quality; practice shows that in the case of producing paper bags of the same specification, the bottom paste can be improved compared with manual sewing. 20% capacity, 8% paper saving, 12% cost reduction. In order to solve these problems, the packaging industry urgently needs an automatic bottom paste equipment to reduce labor costs and waste materials and improve efficiency.

Traditional artificial bottom paste is divided into two ways: artificial seam bottom and artificial bottom paste.

The specific steps of artificial bottom sewing are as follows:

(1) Prepare the produced paper tube, use the sewing machine, yarn and glue for sewing the bottom;

(2) The worker dips the yarn in glue and installs it on the sewing machine;

(3) Use a sewing machine to sew one end of the paper tube through glued yarn;

(4) Paste the valve port on the other end of the paper tube and sew it with glued yarn;

(5) Spread out the paper bags sewn at both ends to dry, and complete the seam bottom work of the paper bags.

HD200A-IIIDJ Square Bottom Machine

Traditional artificial bottom paste process:

(1) Workers mark the position of one long indentation, two 45° indentations and two vertical indentations on the paper tube, and manually indent and cut them;

(2) Unfold the bottom of the bag and fold two indentations manually;

(3) Manually apply glue on the designated area at the bottom of the bag;

(4) Paste the valve port on the bottom end of the bag;

(5) Manually close the bottom of the bag along the crease, put it into the machine for compaction, and complete the bottom paste work.

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

The analysis of the process of artificial bottom paste shows that the paper yarn composite bag square bottom machine first performs the indentation and incision process on the unprocessed bag tube, and indents the surface of the bag along the horizontal and 45° directions, and vertically according to the width of the bottom of the bag. Incision, and the horizontal indentation of the bag tube is relatively easy to achieve, so the bag tube is conveyed horizontally at this time; secondly, the bottom of the bag after the indentation and incision is unfolded along the crease by using a suction cup, and the bottom of the bag is conveyed vertically at this time After flattening and compacting the bottom of the bag after being sucked open, two horizontal indentations are made on the bottom of the bag after expansion; Glue coating and valve sticking; finally, after the bag tube passes through the hemming device and the compacting device, the hemming and compaction are formed to complete the bottom paste work.

By analyzing the characteristics and functions of the process flow of the paper yarn composite bag square bottom machine, the basic requirements of each process of the square bottom machine are obtained: firstly, the bag tube is sent to the indentation and incision process, because the indentation and incision affect the success of the subsequent paper bag. Unfolding, so the accuracy of the indentation and incision is high, and the trace incision is only long but not short; the second beat process is to control the paper bag to enter the suction opening process accurately. When the paper bag enters the suction opening process, it needs to reach the best suction opening position, and the time control is very strict.

The suction opening process needs to suck the paper bag open, and its vacuum system must be strictly designed; the glue application process requires accurate glue application position and moderate glue amount, otherwise the paper bag will have problems such as overflowing glue and not sticking firmly; the valve sticking process needs to be done during the movement of the paper bag The center sticker valve is fast and accurate in position, and the valve port does not fall off after being pasted; finally, the paper bag enters the folding and compacting process, where the paper bag is folded along the crease and compacted into shape, at this time, the bottom of the folded bag needs to be kept from falling apart , The shape is beautiful, and the paper bag does not wrinkle or overflow glue during the compaction process.

What are the common faults in the process of using the bag making machine?

The bag making machine is a machine for making various plastic packaging or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is various sizes of plastic or other material packaging bags with different thickness and specifications. During the use of the bag making machine, there will be many problems. This article will help you to eliminate the use of the bag making machine.

1. The cold cutter of the flat mouth machine cuts continuously

When the cold cutting knife of the flat machine is always cutting continuously, check whether the cutting knife is sharp and whether it needs to be re-sharpened; check whether the balance of the upper and lower knives is appropriate balance.

2. The flat mouth machine cuts three or more strips, and the size of the bag is different.

Put a layer on the rubber roller behind the thin film, so that it can be evenly mixed with other materials.

3. The spring of the flat mouth machine is broken

If the self-adhesive strip is not in place, if it is tilted up and rolled into the spring, the spring will break, so the self-adhesive strip must be pasted properly during operation. Another reason is that the material is not neat or stuffed into the rubber roller, causing the spring to break.

3. There is a big difference between the two sides of the edge sealing of the bone bag making machine
It is necessary to adjust the aluminum pressure roller well, and adjust it to press both sides of the sealing edge, so as to avoid this situation.

4. The self-adhesive strips cut by the side sealing machine often stick to the conveyor belt

The self-adhesive strip is misplaced and stuck to the conveyor belt. It is necessary to adjust the self-adhesive position of the edge correcting machine behind.

5. There are burrs on the OPP cutting edge or the explosion-proof edge will be rotten

The hot knife and the suction arm are not adjusted properly. Normally, the hot knife cuts off by 2 cm, and the suction arm sends the material out.

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

6. The finished products cut out by the side sealing machine are of different lengths

The rubber roller slips because the pressure spring is not compressed, or the clamping plate behind is too tight, and it needs to be adjusted properly.

7. The flat mouth machine is blocked in front of the cold cutter

In this case, it should be that the bag is too strong, use a rubber band to attach a small piece of paper to the screw on the knife beam, cut out the tape and snap the bag down at the same time.

8. The output and winding thickness of the film blowing machine is uneven, and one side is thin

It needs to be wrapped around the electronic frame on the thin side until it fits.

9. The feeding of the printing bag is not smooth, and the electric eye is not sensitive enough

First check whether the electric eye is used correctly. The sensitive reaction of the electric eye to the color has a certain degree of attention. If the bag is a single color, use blue, and use red for heavy color. Red can be used for single color and heavy color. The roller under the electric eye of the edge correcting machine should be sprayed black. If the color of the bag is single and heavy, it is best to use a white background.

HD100-ID Square Bottom Machine

10. The new machine has not been cutting bags for a long time, and the cutter keeps cutting thinner films, or cutting at a certain place

This situation may be caused by the fact that after a period of running-in of the upper knife beam slider, the gap between the slider and the copper pad is too large, which in turn causes the cutter to cut continuously. The top seam (M6 inner corner) of the copper pad can be adjusted until the slider of the upper knife beam cannot be shaken by hand, but it cannot be adjusted too tight.

When the machine is turned on and cuts 15-20 sheets per minute, there is no obvious vibration of the upper knife beam, which proves that the gap is just right. In addition, the spring pressure of the upper beam can be adjusted.

11. The seal of flat mouth machine and R machine is not firm

(1) Check whether the hot knife is stuck: the hot knife is not sealed and cut smoothly, which will cause the seal to be sometimes firm and sometimes not firm.

(2) Check whether the knife edge is deformed or bent due to heating. The inspection method is to turn the hot knife to the bottom position. When the hot knife is about to touch the silicone roller or the silicone plate, use the light transmission method to judge whether the hot knife is bent. If it is bent, repair the flatness of the knife edge.

(3) Check whether the electron passing through the film is too strong. Test it with a film that has not passed through electrons. If it is sealed, see if there is any obvious change in the seal. If so, it proves that the film passing electron is too strong. It is recommended to change the material.

To sum up, it is inevitable to encounter various problems in the process of using the bag making machine. Don’t panic when encountering problems, find the cause of the problem, and solve the problem fundamentally, so as to effectively improve work efficiency.

What are the precautions for the operation of the square bottom machine?

When it comes to square bottom machines, most people may not know much about them. In fact, square bottom machines have been widely used in the packaging industry. Usually, the square bottom machine is used together with the paper tube machine. Using it can tightly seal the packaging bag, improve the bottom paste efficiency, reduce the scrap rate and save labor. So what are the precautions for the operation of the square bottom machine? I believe many people don’t know much about it. The manufacturer of the square bottom machine has made the following detailed introduction for you. Let’s find out together!

Operation process of square bottom machine

The operation process of the square bottom machine is as follows: firstly, the bag is taken out by the rotary automatic bag taking machine, and the paper bag is positioned and embedded in the slot of the conveyor belt. After reaching the opening and shaping station, the rotating claw inserts the opening tube into the bag and presses it to the next conveyor belt. Finally, make appropriate adjustments to the pasting width and lock it according to relevant specifications. Then the paper bag is sent to the valve sheet making and pasting station.

HT120-IIIASF Paper Tube Machine

After the valve sheet is pasted, it is sent to the gluing station to apply glue to the bag mouth. After two times of gluing, the bottom of the bag can be formed. After the paper bag is formed, the paper wing of the bag is folded against the deformed board at the end, combined on the core board (according to the fixed size), and run after the paste is released from the outer core, rolled firmly and counted and stacked.

Precautions for operation of square bottom machine

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

1. Pay attention to keep the equipment operation interface of the square bottom machine clean and clean it frequently.

2. In order to prevent the mechanical belt of the square bottom machine from slipping, it needs to be scrubbed with clean water frequently to keep it clean and prevent it from sticking. The rubber wheel and the glue box on the bottom of the hook must be cleaned after get off work every day, otherwise the glue in the glue box will solidify and affect the subsequent gluing effect.

3. The glue box of the upper part of the fold should be kept clean and scrubbed frequently.

4. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the speed when the governor is stopped, otherwise the belt will be severely worn.

5. The inside of the equipment should be cleaned frequently, and it is better to mix it with lubricating oil and butter, and it can shake from side to side to prevent rust.

6. Drive slowly before starting the machine, and check whether the machine is abnormal.

The above is the relevant introduction about the precautions for the operation of the square bottom machine. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you want to know other related matters about the operation of the square bottom machine, please feel free to contact us.

What are the performance advantages of plastic woven square bottom valve bags?

The square bottom valve bag was born in the idea of ​​convenient freight transportation and has a history of 100 years. It can be closed by itself at the valve bag after filling material, and the appearance is brick-shaped. Shows the unparalleled advantages of other bags in the transportation of goods. For example, it can realize bag picking by manipulator, automatic quantitative canning, self-closing valve bag, automatic palletizing, saving storage space, square appearance, clear sign, and improving the working environment of canning, especially for powder products, which greatly improves the working environment. The advantages.

The materials for making square bottom valve bags first started from paper, then developed to paper-plastic composite bags, and then to film-coated plastic woven bags. The evolution of these materials is a product derived from the market environment and market demand.

The square bottom valve bag is especially suitable for filling powder and granular products. Its valve bag technology includes: inner valve bag, outer valve bag, and extended valve bag, and the customization is flexible and changeable; it also solves the storage problem for many years, making the Its stacking is higher, which saves more storage space, and is beautiful and tidy.

Plastic woven square bottom valve bag performance

Plastic woven square bottom valve bag can effectively improve the quality of cement, it has anti-drop, anti-leakage, moisture-proof and other properties. With the continuous deepening of the industrial automation process of cement enterprises and the further emphasis on the quality of cement packaging bags, the quality and performance requirements of plastic-woven square bottom valve bag cement bags are getting higher and higher, mainly in: mechanical properties, that is, strong Strong, anti-dropping, and able to handle long-distance transportation. Such as moisture resistance and good sealing performance, ensure that the product will not be damp during storage and transportation, the product will not leak, and will not cause cement loss.

In terms of automation function, it can be filled efficiently, quickly and accurately. At present, the all-plastic square bottom valve bag has been widely used in cement enterprises at home and abroad. It is characterized by fast filling, neat and beautiful appearance, good sealing performance, exquisite printing, large packaging volume, and stand-up packaging, which is very suitable for stacking. transport operations. With the automatic filling of the packaging machine, the valve port on the top can achieve the effect of automatic sealing after the cement is filled, saving time and effort.

Advantages of plastic woven square bottom valve bags

The plastic woven square bottom valve bag is produced by a special square bottom valve bag making machine. It is produced by heat sealing, using pp woven bag tube with lamination, and is a low-cost square bottom valve bag suitable for automatic packaging processed by heat sealing production process. The upper and lower sealing of this square bottom valve bag does not require any sewing. Wire. Instead, a stable heat-sealing is performed with the coating layer of the woven cloth. The film on the bottom of the bag, as well as the film on the valve flap and back cover, are softened by hot air and then heat sealed together by pressure. The square bottom valve bag production line changes the four separate production and processing processes of cutting, printing, valve opening, and sewing, improves production efficiency and product quality, and saves a lot of manpower and materials.

No sewing is required in the production process, which not only reduces the production process, but also saves the sewing thread and the kraft paper seam. Fundamentally avoid the seam head and paper edge entering the cement concrete, ensure the construction quality, and keep the site environment clean. It is beneficial to the recycling and utilization of packaging bags after use and the requirements of protecting the ecological environment.

Using the latest punching method and micro-hole punching technology, the hole diameter is small, and the density of the hole is relatively large. The hole diameter and density can be adjusted according to the canned exhaust conditions to reduce the problem of excessive loss of bag body strength caused by punching. . In the filling and transportation process, the phenomenon of ash spraying and ash leakage is greatly reduced, the filling site and the loading and transportation environment are improved, the loss and waste of cement are reduced, and the development requirements of energy saving and environmental protection are met. The square bottom valve bag packs cement, making the filled bag square, improving the stacking shape, which can improve the level of product packaging, good appearance and quality, and is conducive to expanding the market influence of my country’s cement products.

In fact, the most important thing is that the plastic-woven square bottom valve bag can help cement enterprises to realize that the cement filling, stacking, storage, loading and transportation processes are all automated mechanical operations, which can reduce a lot of human resources and save costs.

What are the processing flow and application scope of the square bottom machine?

The square bottom machine may be a relatively unfamiliar device to most ordinary people, but it is familiar to the practitioners in the packaging machinery industry. It is a kind of equipment for making valve pockets, which tightly seals the packaging bags, and is usually used together with a drum making machine. It has played a great role in improving production efficiency and saving capital investment for enterprises. So, what is the processing flow of the bottom paste machine, and what fields are it mainly used in? In response to this problem, the square bottom machine manufacturer gave us a detailed introduction.

The processing flow of the square bottom machine

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

1. Open the bottom of the bag

The parallel direction of the vertical wall at the end of the shoe upper determines the opening of the bottom of the bag. During the operation of the equipment, the vacuum bag makes a horizontal reciprocating motion, and the paper wings of the straw, straw, and paper are opened up and down at both ends of the vacuum bag; The opening tube is inserted into the bag, and the end of the bag pressing mark line forms a triangular bag angle. After pressing to the next conveyor belt, the vacuum suction device and the claw opener can be adjusted appropriately for the pasting width, and locked according to the relevant specifications. The main conveyor belt, The material suction and claw opening machine are synchronized with each other.

2. Sticky valve port strip

The valve port of the bag tube starts to work from the paper reel, and the correct working path is made for it by the corrector, and the position is pulled off. If there is a space or a paper bag, the control system will automatically command the strip to be cut; to exclude, the wiped paste wheel will not paste.

3. Automatic glue application

After two gluing operations, the bottom of the bag can be formed. After the paper bag is formed, the paper wings of the bag are folded in the opposite direction of the deformation at the end and the deformed plate, assembled together on the core-spun plate (according to a fixed size), and run after the paste is released from the outer core, and the rolling is firm.

BAG width adjustment: (1) Glue on the valve position (2) wipe the paper wing horizontally, and give clear instructions in the electronic control system according to the set program.

Application scope of square bottom machine

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

The square bottom machine is widely used, and many packaging bags we see daily are processed by this equipment, especially those packaging bags that hold granular and powdery materials. Such as mortar bags and cement bags commonly used in the building materials industry, chemical special bags for packaging corrosive materials in the chemical industry, flour bags or other food bags for the food industry, and mineral powder packaging bags for factories and mines.
The above is a specific introduction to the low-level processing flow and application range. I hope that this article will enable you to have a further understanding of the equipment.

What is the workflow of the valve bag making machine?

Valve bags are very popular in the domestic market, especially in the small commodity wholesale market and the food industry. Many people who make it do not know that this kind of bag is made by a special valve bag making machine. What is the working process of the valve pocket bag making machine, let’s learn more about it together!

The working flow of valve bag making machine

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

1. Hopper feeding

The bag making machine is a hopper on which the powder is transported to the packaging machine by the feeder throughout the day. Device Control. The sealing paper roll is driven by the guide roll to the lapel forming machine. After bending, it is lapped into a cylinder with a longitudinal sealer. The material of the bag making machine is automatically measured and then loaded into the bag. The transverse sealer intermittently pulls down the bag cylinder while cutting off the heat seal to form a flat bag with overlapping longitudinal seams on three sides, and seals the seal of the bag.

2. Cutting

How to carry out the cutting of the bag making machine, the metal cutting process of the bag making machine is actually very similar to the metal extrusion process. When the gravure printing machine cuts plastic materials, the material begins to elastically deform under the action of the tool. As the tool continues to cut in, the stress and strain inside the metal continue to increase. When the stress reaches the yield point of the material, plastic deformation begins; Using computer control, the advanced (servo) fixed-length system makes the sealing and cutting size error small, and the electric eye is installed to make the printed pattern position. The length of the bag can be adjusted by computer numerical control. If there is a problem with the printing bag, the machine will automatically stop and give a warning sound.

HD100-ID Square Bottom Machine

3. Glue and heat sealing

After gluing, the bottom structure should be heat-sealed together. After gluing, the bag tube should be glued and then the bag tube should be formed, pulled, cut, and distributed. During the process, it is necessary to check whether the heat-sealing temperature of the product is appropriate (wrinkling of the bag when the temperature is overheated). , the temperature is too low, the package is not hot). Product specifications, thermal locations, thermal coupling wire specifications, and cutouts should also be checked frequently for compliance.

The above is the whole introduction of the working process of the valve bag making machine. The kraft paper valve bag is the preferred bag type popular in the world. The valve bag has the advantages of low cost, improved loading speed, high firmness, and improved stacking stability,realize automatic bag filling.

Structural characteristics and production process of paper bag square bottom machine

The paper bag square bottom machine is mainly used for producing valve bags made of kraft paper. It is mostly used to produce a square bottom valve bag for packing cement, mortar, grain and other granular live powder materials. It can complete 60-120 pieces of valve bag bottom paste work per minute. The following square bottom machine manufacturer will introduce the structural characteristics of the paper bag square bottom machine.

Introduction to the structure of the paper bag square bottom machine

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

1. Structural composition of square bottom machine

(1) The steel plate of the main engine head adopts 45# steel plate with a thickness of 40mm;

(2) The structure of the discharging component adopts 12mm thick steel plate, and the surface is treated with 3 layers of paint;

(3) 120# channel steel is used for the intermediate support;

(4) The coil unwinding unit adopts air-expanded shaft core: 4 sets (45# steel; the surface is quenched by this high frequency; the bearing weight is 1.3 tons);

(5) The structure and parts of other mechanical parts are made of 45#, A3, cast iron and so on.

2. Structural characteristics of square bottom machine

The pressure line and opening can be adjusted online; the valve strip and the internal and external reinforcing strips adopt servo feeding device, which can be adjusted online, and automatically stop feeding when there is no material, saving raw material waste; cutting knife and opening device, no consumables, no need to replace the rubber.

With man-machine interface adjustment (touch screen), frequency conversion speed regulation, high-precision servo control system, PLC programming control system, automatic counting, output and so on. The control system is simple and convenient to operate: automatic stop of the coiled material; automatic color mark tracking function; automatic gluing; forming;

2.The production process of the square bottom machine

HD100-ID Square Bottom Machine

The bottom gluing machine is an integrated linkage production line, which can make the bottom of the bag at both ends and the valve port pasted at one time. It consists of rotary automatic feeding, arranging and positioning system, finishing and imprinting system, bag bottom forming system, bag drum transmission system, opening and shaping station, double-layer valve sheet production and automatic glue application, and bag bottom reinforcing paper strip , The bottom of the bag is turned over, the large S-shaped walking route is composed of a bag compression and clamping output system, an intermittent counting and finishing system, and an electrical control system.

Its technological process includes: unwinding, automatic paper feeding and layered guidance, automatic deviation correction, auxiliary traction, virtual cutting, hot pressing, bag tube forming, traction, piercing and venting, tearing, and separating bag feeding (bag tube conveying, The bottom of the bag is opened), the valve strip is pasted, the glue is automatically applied, the bottom is formed and the bottom is turned, the bottom of the bag is turned over, the counting is grouped, and the stacking is performed.

The above is the introduction of the structure and production process of the paper bag square bottom machine. The main function of the bottom gluing machine is to cooperate with the drum making machine to produce valve pockets. If you need it, you are welcome to contact us.

Valve bag packaging machine solves the problem of material packaging for you

At present, there are generally two types of packaging bags in packaging machines, one is an open bag packaging machine and the other is a valve bag packaging machine. Their packaging machines are also varied. Next, I will share with you several valve bag packaging machines with multiple functions.

First of all, the valve bag packaging machine first appeared in front of the public is the cement packaging machine, that is, the impeller packaging machine. The materials suitable for packaging are powders and small particles with good fluidity. It is also the first generation of valve bag packaging machines. Its disadvantage is that the measurement is not very accurate, the error is relatively large, and the dust is relatively large during the working process.

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

The second is the small screw packaging machine. The valve type small screw packaging machine is suitable for packaging powders with good fluidity, small particles and mixed materials, which can be well packaged, with high precision and less dust. This type of packaging machine is more popular with customers, and it can be well packaged for general materials.

The other one is another style of valve port packaging machine. It can pack a packaging machine for pigments such as chrome oxide green. It will not be blocked or out of materials during the repackaging process. This improved packaging machine is suitable for clogged materials are easy to pack.


This valve port type packaging machine is also a packaging machine that has been designed and modified. It is aimed at the packaging of various types of titanium dioxide. In the process of repacking, there is a problem that the material is blocked and the material is not discharged.

Then there is a double-screw packaging machine for packaging ultra-fine powder. This packaging machine is designed with an impeller and a small screw, and is aimed at powder materials.

Finally, let’s introduce the most outstanding valve bag packaging machine – negative pressure packaging machine. Its appearance is simply a typical representative of the blue and the blue. It can package carbon black and silica and some nano-level materials can be packaged. Just add a vacuum chamber to the outside of it, so it’s easier to pack. It can be said that the negative pressure valve bag packaging machine is the most advanced member of the valve bag family. It has high technical content and has been carefully researched and developed by technical personnel.

These multifunctional valve bag packaging machines bring high efficiency to the majority of users and save a lot of packaging costs.

Paper tube machine operating procedures and precautions

Paper tube machine is an important mechanical equipment specially used for paper tube production. Many industries will use this equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the paper tube machine and ensure production efficiency, when we use the paper tube machine, we must follow the paper There are also many problems that need to be paid attention to in the use of equipment.

What is the operating procedure of the paper tube machine?

1. Before work.

(1) The environment around the paper tube machine should be kept clean, and the materials and related auxiliary tools to be processed should be prepared. The operator should wear tight clothes or fasten the clothes. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to wear skirts, slippers, and loose hair to operate the equipment.

(2) Check whether the various parts of the paper tube machine can work normally.

(3) Before starting, use a special tool to clean the abrasive shaft, remove the excess glue in the mold shaft, and then blow it with compressed air.

(4) Be sure to refuel the brass sleeve before starting the machine.

(5) Before starting, the ventilation valve must be refueled frequently.

paper tube machine

2. Work.

(1) Before entering the job, the operator must go through relevant training, know how to use the equipment, understand the structure and principle of the paper tube machine, and understand the safety protection.

(2) Untrained or unqualified employees shall not use the paper tube machine.

(3) When operating the equipment, operators should keep their energy and concentration, and must not drive desertions to avoid accidents.

(4) When cutting the paper tube, keep a certain distance from the machine, and wait for the paper tube to be placed before cutting.

(5) When the equipment is running, if it is found that the machine is abnormal or faulty, the machine should be stopped immediately and the abnormality should be dealt with in time.

(6) During the operation of the paper tube machine, the operator is not allowed to leave the work post without permission. When leaving, the power supply needs to be cut off.

3. After the work is over.

(1) After the production work is completed, all power must be turned off, and the tool must be placed in the designated position.

(2) Clean around the machine and maintain hygiene.

4. Regular maintenance.

(1) Keep the inside of the machine clean.

(2) Regularly check the lubricating parts, and refuel the motor, runner, etc. in time.

(3) If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and covered with a protective cover.

(4) Check the parts from time to time to ensure that they can work normally, and there is no looseness or wear. If there is any fault, it should be repaired in time.

paper tube machine

Matters needing attention after the paper tube machine is started

1. Check whether the printing ink meets the order requirements.

2. Check whether the adhesive meets the requirements.

3. Shaft sleeves, slide rails, cams, oil holes and other parts should be fully lubricated.

4. When the power is turned on, check whether there is anyone near the device, and remind to pay attention to safety.

5. Open the vacuum pump to verify the vacuum pressure, and open the air compressor to check the pressure adjustment of each part. After confirming that it is normal, connect the exhaust facility of the edging machine, run the exhaust, and open the glue pump to check whether the glue amount is normal.

6. After everything is confirmed to be normal, manual operation should be performed first to check whether each operating part is normal. If there is any fault, the fault should be eliminated first, and the semi-automatic operation should be used for production after confirmation.

I believe that through this article, everyone has a further understanding of the operating procedures of the paper tube machine and the precautions for the use of the equipment. If you need to know more about the paper tube machine, please feel free to contact us!

Bottom paste machine installation and debugging steps

Bottom paste machine is a device used to produce valve pockets. It is usually used together with drum making machine. Bottom paste machine is mainly designed and manufactured by photoelectric, electromechanical and pneumatic integration technology. The working process is mainly controlled by photoelectric PLC automatic control system program. Finish.

The bottom gluing machine is mainly responsible for unwinding and overprinting the bag body of the valve pocket, and the bottom gluing machine is responsible for the sealing of the valve pocket. Glue, turn over the bottom of the bag and other processes to jointly produce the valve bag. The bottom paste machine can realize automatic feeding, gluing, transportation and other processes, instead of manual operation, which greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, it can be more convenient and save some raw materials.

Because the bottom paste machine is completed by PLC photoelectric program automatic control system, its feeding speed will not be limited by the structure, and it will change with the speed up and down of the frequency modulation motor.

Bottom paste machine

The installation and debugging steps of the bottom paste machine are summarized as follows:

1. Before installing the bottom gluing machine, you should carefully check the work order and samples, determine the glue used for the gluing box, and prepare it;

2. Adjust the width of the bottom baffle to be pasted, the two sides should be parallel, and just put down the semi-finished color box to be produced, the distance between the two side baffles is less than 1mm from the color box, and then adjust the limit bolts to ensure that each product to be pasted passes smoothly. and no fetters appear;

3. Adjust the slope and height of the bracket in the bottom area to be pasted to ensure that the pasted products can pass smoothly without other obstacles. After pressing, adjust the auxiliary guide rail and flow wheel to make the size suitable for the specifications of the color box to be pasted;

4. Adjust the bottom paste belt and bottom paste guide rail, and then adjust the bottom paste main machine and the wheel closing pressure to cooperate with the cross of the belt;

5. Adjust the glue tank and check whether the glue in the glue tank is sufficient. The amount of glue should be immersed in 80% of the rubber wheel, and then adjust the glue tank and the glue position;

6. Turn on the power switch, the main motor switch and the vibration switch key. After the machine is adjusted, press the “run” or “inch” key, press the “feed” key to debug the machine, and check whether the machine performance is abnormal, and there is a skew phenomenon. correct it immediately.

7. After the debugging is ok, test 5-10 pieces of the machine first, confirm the position and forming specifications, and then adjust the speed of the machine;

8. When pasting the bottom of the color box, pay attention to the state of the paper at the bottom of the pasting, not over-line, off-line or misplaced, so as not to affect the appearance and forming effect of the color box;

9. First confirm: Strictly follow the first-piece signature method;

10. After the production task of the bottom paste machine is completed, the machine should be cleaned in time to keep the machine clean.

The above is the relevant introduction of the installation and debugging steps of the bottom paste machine. If you need to know more about the bottom paste machine, you are welcome to log in to our official website to browse, or you can inquire.