Structural characteristics and production process of paper bag square bottom machine

The paper bag square bottom machine is mainly used for producing valve bags made of kraft paper. It is mostly used to produce a square bottom valve bag for packing cement, mortar, grain and other granular live powder materials. It can complete 60-120 pieces of valve bag bottom paste work per minute. The following square bottom machine manufacturer will introduce the structural characteristics of the paper bag square bottom machine.

Introduction to the structure of the paper bag square bottom machine

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

1. Structural composition of square bottom machine

(1) The steel plate of the main engine head adopts 45# steel plate with a thickness of 40mm;

(2) The structure of the discharging component adopts 12mm thick steel plate, and the surface is treated with 3 layers of paint;

(3) 120# channel steel is used for the intermediate support;

(4) The coil unwinding unit adopts air-expanded shaft core: 4 sets (45# steel; the surface is quenched by this high frequency; the bearing weight is 1.3 tons);

(5) The structure and parts of other mechanical parts are made of 45#, A3, cast iron and so on.

2. Structural characteristics of square bottom machine

The pressure line and opening can be adjusted online; the valve strip and the internal and external reinforcing strips adopt servo feeding device, which can be adjusted online, and automatically stop feeding when there is no material, saving raw material waste; cutting knife and opening device, no consumables, no need to replace the rubber.

With man-machine interface adjustment (touch screen), frequency conversion speed regulation, high-precision servo control system, PLC programming control system, automatic counting, output and so on. The control system is simple and convenient to operate: automatic stop of the coiled material; automatic color mark tracking function; automatic gluing; forming;

2.The production process of the square bottom machine

HD100-ID Square Bottom Machine

The bottom gluing machine is an integrated linkage production line, which can make the bottom of the bag at both ends and the valve port pasted at one time. It consists of rotary automatic feeding, arranging and positioning system, finishing and imprinting system, bag bottom forming system, bag drum transmission system, opening and shaping station, double-layer valve sheet production and automatic glue application, and bag bottom reinforcing paper strip , The bottom of the bag is turned over, the large S-shaped walking route is composed of a bag compression and clamping output system, an intermittent counting and finishing system, and an electrical control system.

Its technological process includes: unwinding, automatic paper feeding and layered guidance, automatic deviation correction, auxiliary traction, virtual cutting, hot pressing, bag tube forming, traction, piercing and venting, tearing, and separating bag feeding (bag tube conveying, The bottom of the bag is opened), the valve strip is pasted, the glue is automatically applied, the bottom is formed and the bottom is turned, the bottom of the bag is turned over, the counting is grouped, and the stacking is performed.

The above is the introduction of the structure and production process of the paper bag square bottom machine. The main function of the bottom gluing machine is to cooperate with the drum making machine to produce valve pockets. If you need it, you are welcome to contact us.