Valve bag packaging machine solves the problem of material packaging for you

At present, there are generally two types of packaging bags in packaging machines, one is an open bag packaging machine and the other is a valve bag packaging machine. Their packaging machines are also varied. Next, I will share with you several valve bag packaging machines with multiple functions.

First of all, the valve bag packaging machine first appeared in front of the public is the cement packaging machine, that is, the impeller packaging machine. The materials suitable for packaging are powders and small particles with good fluidity. It is also the first generation of valve bag packaging machines. Its disadvantage is that the measurement is not very accurate, the error is relatively large, and the dust is relatively large during the working process.

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

The second is the small screw packaging machine. The valve type small screw packaging machine is suitable for packaging powders with good fluidity, small particles and mixed materials, which can be well packaged, with high precision and less dust. This type of packaging machine is more popular with customers, and it can be well packaged for general materials.

The other one is another style of valve port packaging machine. It can pack a packaging machine for pigments such as chrome oxide green. It will not be blocked or out of materials during the repackaging process. This improved packaging machine is suitable for clogged materials are easy to pack.


This valve port type packaging machine is also a packaging machine that has been designed and modified. It is aimed at the packaging of various types of titanium dioxide. In the process of repacking, there is a problem that the material is blocked and the material is not discharged.

Then there is a double-screw packaging machine for packaging ultra-fine powder. This packaging machine is designed with an impeller and a small screw, and is aimed at powder materials.

Finally, let’s introduce the most outstanding valve bag packaging machine – negative pressure packaging machine. Its appearance is simply a typical representative of the blue and the blue. It can package carbon black and silica and some nano-level materials can be packaged. Just add a vacuum chamber to the outside of it, so it’s easier to pack. It can be said that the negative pressure valve bag packaging machine is the most advanced member of the valve bag family. It has high technical content and has been carefully researched and developed by technical personnel.

These multifunctional valve bag packaging machines bring high efficiency to the majority of users and save a lot of packaging costs.