What are the processing flow and application scope of the square bottom machine?

The square bottom machine may be a relatively unfamiliar device to most ordinary people, but it is familiar to the practitioners in the packaging machinery industry. It is a kind of equipment for making valve pockets, which tightly seals the packaging bags, and is usually used together with a drum making machine. It has played a great role in improving production efficiency and saving capital investment for enterprises. So, what is the processing flow of the bottom paste machine, and what fields are it mainly used in? In response to this problem, the square bottom machine manufacturer gave us a detailed introduction.

The processing flow of the square bottom machine

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

1. Open the bottom of the bag

The parallel direction of the vertical wall at the end of the shoe upper determines the opening of the bottom of the bag. During the operation of the equipment, the vacuum bag makes a horizontal reciprocating motion, and the paper wings of the straw, straw, and paper are opened up and down at both ends of the vacuum bag; The opening tube is inserted into the bag, and the end of the bag pressing mark line forms a triangular bag angle. After pressing to the next conveyor belt, the vacuum suction device and the claw opener can be adjusted appropriately for the pasting width, and locked according to the relevant specifications. The main conveyor belt, The material suction and claw opening machine are synchronized with each other.

2. Sticky valve port strip

The valve port of the bag tube starts to work from the paper reel, and the correct working path is made for it by the corrector, and the position is pulled off. If there is a space or a paper bag, the control system will automatically command the strip to be cut; to exclude, the wiped paste wheel will not paste.

3. Automatic glue application

After two gluing operations, the bottom of the bag can be formed. After the paper bag is formed, the paper wings of the bag are folded in the opposite direction of the deformation at the end and the deformed plate, assembled together on the core-spun plate (according to a fixed size), and run after the paste is released from the outer core, and the rolling is firm.

BAG width adjustment: (1) Glue on the valve position (2) wipe the paper wing horizontally, and give clear instructions in the electronic control system according to the set program.

Application scope of square bottom machine

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

The square bottom machine is widely used, and many packaging bags we see daily are processed by this equipment, especially those packaging bags that hold granular and powdery materials. Such as mortar bags and cement bags commonly used in the building materials industry, chemical special bags for packaging corrosive materials in the chemical industry, flour bags or other food bags for the food industry, and mineral powder packaging bags for factories and mines.
The above is a specific introduction to the low-level processing flow and application range. I hope that this article will enable you to have a further understanding of the equipment.