The quality judgment method and purchase skill of cowhide valve bag

The kraft paper valve bag has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, moisture-proof and convenient use. It is suitable for long-distance transportation and stacking storage. It is often used for various chemical raw materials, pigments, food additives, building materials and other materials suitable for packaging. The demand is large, so how do we buy and buy? The editor of Huatian will introduce to you the quality judgment method of cowhide valve bag. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The quality judgment method of cowhide valve bag

1. Use the illumination transmission method: test the shading of the cowhide valve bag, choose a cowhide valve bag, install it on the opened incandescent bulb, and observe the appearance of the illuminated transmission cowhide valve bag. If there are no special spots, lines, pieces, etc. Obvious phenomenon, this shows that the kraft paper is basically qualified and the weight is uniform. If the illumination transmittance is poor, test the shading of the kraft valve bag. The shading of the kraft paper valve bag depends on the speed and degree of coloring of the fruit after unpacking.

2. Use the incubation method: test the waterproofness of the cowhide valve bag: incubate the incubation valve bag, and when water forms droplets on the cowhide valve bag, the water absorption of the cowhide valve bag is poor, and there is water on the kraft paper valve bag with good water resistance, kraft paper The water resistance of the valve bag determines the strength of the kraft paper valve bag against rainwater, determines the life of the kraft paper valve bag, and can also affect the fruit infection by spoilage bacteria.

3. Use the cup exhaust method: test the air permeability of the kraft paper valve bag, seal the kraft paper valve bag on the cup filled with hot water, exhaust the paper surface, the fact that the air permeability of the kraft paper valve bag is good does not return air, the kraft valve The air permeability of the bag is poor, and the air permeability of kraft paper affects the occurrence of fruit diseases and the gloss of the fruit surface to a certain extent.

4. Tear method: Tear the valve bag of kraft paper horizontally. The sheared paper is wood pulp paper, which has high strength, neat cracks, no shearing, straw pulp paper and wood pulp composition, and low strength.

5. Touch method: The surface of different types of kraft paper is different, and the roughness is also different. Touch the kraft paper with your hands to feel the smoothness. Compare with the previous sample to see if there is any difference, and pay attention to whether the surface of the paper is Defects such as pinhole streaks.

6. Burning method: After burning, the paper that does not scatter the ash on the paper is the difference between the paper that good paper scraps cannot form.

6. Rubbing technique: soak the kraft paper valve bag in water for a while, after taking it out, rub it with both hands, preferably with lint-free or rub-resistant paper.

In addition to the quality judgment method of cowhide valve bags described above, we should also consider other factors such as manufacturer, price, distance and so on when we buy valve bags. Let’s take a look together.

The purchase skills of cowhide valve bags

1. The strength of the manufacturer: No matter what product is selected, the strength of the manufacturer is a key factor that needs to be considered. The strength of the manufacturer directly affects the production capacity of the manufacturer and the after-sales quality assurance of the product.

2. Product equipment: Product equipment is one of the key factors related to product quality, and the quality of equipment directly affects the quality of the valve bag. The bottom paste machine produced by Huatian is the main production equipment for the production of valve bags. After years of research and improvement, our equipment has certain advantages in the production of various valve bags. Welcome to inquire and understand.

3. Price: Before considering the cooperation of local manufacturers with a certain scale, you can shop around and choose the manufacturer when it meets our budget requirements.

The above is the introduction of Huatian editor on the quality judgment methods and purchasing skills of cowhide valve bags. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. In addition, our Huatian packaging machinery focuses on automatic reference, valve mouth paste bottom machine and other equipment The research and development, manufacturing and sales of, if necessary, welcome to inquire and understand.