What is the production process of valve bag?

Valve bags are widely used in all walks of life, including building materials, food additives, private chat, fertilizers, minerals, chemicals and other material packaging.

First, the production method of the valve bag

The production process of the valve bag is: folding the square bottom – brushing glue – hot pressing. The bag making method of valve bag can be divided into four categories: three-sided seal, mid-bottom seal, flat mid-seal and sheet.

1. The three-side seal is sealed around the valve bag, and the front and rear dimensions are the size of waste, with a certain sense of integrity, the design is not constrained, and the contradictory design has a certain connectivity. Because of the size difference between the front and the back, you can design the front first, so that the back and the front can take care of each other. When making plates, the front and back should be arranged on the same roller.

2. The middle bottom seal of the valve bag is the reverse seal, the front is the size of the waste, and the sum of the widths is equal to the front width. Usually in the design, the front and rear sides are unfolded, and the integrated design is stopped. The left and right sides are each sealed by 1cm, and the front and rear sides are also on the same roller.

3. The flat middle is sealed at the root of the middle bottom seal, and there are flat edges on both sides. The front and back are also on the same registration roller.


Second, the working principle of the square bottom machine

Valve bag production has gradually developed from manual sticking to machine assembly line work. It not only improves the production efficiency of valve bags, but also improves product quality. The paper tube machine and bottom gluing machine produced by our company form a valve pocket production line, which completes the valve pocket from the tube making, bending, gluing, bottom gluing, hot pressing and other processes.

1. The valve bag packaging machine uses the motor as the power source to drive the impeller in the discharge seat to rotate smoothly to achieve uniform feeding;

2. The sensor measures the weight of the material in the bag and inputs the measurement signal into the microcomputer. When the filling weight requirement is met, the microcomputer outputs the signal, and the sealing cylinder extends into the working state to seal the discharge port;

HD100-ID Square Bottom Machine

3. At the same time, the pull rod of the electromagnet moves up, and the material bag falls, so as to realize quantitative and rapid packaging of loose materials.

4. The material enters the grid wheel from the outer silo, and enters the ash hopper from the feed port on the machine base. The material is evenly sent to the discharge port through the smooth rotation of the impeller, insert the packaging bag, and lightly touch the travel switch on the right side of the feed nozzle. , the sealing cylinder shrinks;

5. The discharge nozzle is unobstructed, the filling starts, and the material falls into the bag smoothly;

6. With the increase of the material in the bag, the signal input by the sensor to the microcomputer is also constantly changing. When the weight of the material reaches the set requirement, the microcomputer outputs the signal, the sealing cylinder extends, and the discharge port is sealed. Move, the material bag falls, so as to achieve the automatic packaging requirements of automatic measurement and automatic bag drop.

The above is the production method and working principle of how the valve bag is made. The square bottom machine and paper tube machine produced by Huatian are specially used for the production of the square bottom valve pocket of the paper bag. The technology is mature. If you need it, please feel free to inquire.