What are the purchasing skills of the valve bag square bottom machine?

The valve bag square bottom machine is the main production equipment for the production of valve bags. Its purpose is to replace the manual mass production of a valve bag production equipment. With the wider use of valve bags and the increasing demand, people urgently need to use automated production equipment to replace manual production methods. Then the manufacturer of the square bottom machine will introduce you to the purchase method of the valve bag square bottom machine. .

1. Select as needed

When purchasing a valve bag square bottom machine, we need to choose according to the type and style of the actual product produced. Now there are square bottom machines on the market that produce plastic products, non-woven bags, and kraft paper bags. They are in The knives and sealing processes used in the production process are also different, so we need to choose a square bottom machine according to the material we actually produce the valve bag.

2. Select according to equipment parameters

We need to choose according to our production needs. Among the similar square bottom machines, we select the parameters to be compared, including production speed, accuracy, capacity size, accessories, materials, after-sales service, etc. In terms of expansion, it is the same price. The faster the production speed and the greater the production capacity, the greater the economic benefits. In addition to the speed, the accuracy and reject rate in the production process of the equipment, the quality of the equipment and the services that can be provided all affect the experience of our equipment, and they are all things we need to consider.

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

3. On-site visit

The direct way to understand the production strength of a product is to visit the manufacturer on the spot, observe the scale of the manufacturer, the level of production technology, the production site of the employees, etc. Of course, it also includes on-the-spot observation of the operation and production capacity of the equipment, which is also the process of purchasing large-scale equipment. an important aspect. Seeing is believing is more intuitive than what we know from salespeople or brochures.

4. Understand the equipment

It mainly depends on the functional configuration and materials of the machine. When you go to the factory to see the machinery, you must first look at the functional configuration of the square bottom machine, whether it suits your needs, and understand the working principle of the square bottom machine; secondly, you should look at the electrical components of the square bottom machine and various working mechanical parts. If the square bottom machine is equipped with good electrical components, then the machine can generally be used for several years or even longer; another is to look at the frame structure of the square bottom machine, whether it is made of thick and durable good steel , whether the paint is good (anti-rust).

HD200A-IIIDJ Square Bottom Machine

5. Understand after-sales service

Good manufacturers, their after-sales service must be in place. The perfect after-sales service has a formal purchase contract to protect the interests of customers, including quality assurance, on-site technical training and guidance for customers, on-site installation and commissioning for customers, technical support after customers are officially put into production, and propose solutions. and many more. A good after-sales service can solve many problems encountered in actual production for customer service, and protect the rights and interests of consumers to the greatest extent.

The above is the introduction of the purchase method of the valve bag square bottom machine, which also includes some matters that we need to pay attention to in the purchase process. Our company, as the production and research organization of bottom paste machine and square bottom machine, has rich experience in equipment purchase, use and maintenance. If you need it, please feel free to inquire.