What are the application ranges and functions of valve bags?

The valve bag made by the bottom paste machine has the characteristics of good moisture resistance, reasonable cost and high production efficiency. It is suitable for the packaging of various powdery colloidal products. effect.

Application scope of valve bag

1. Industrial aspects

It is a powder product packaging for building materials powder, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical additives, cement, quartz sand, cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol, dispersible latex powder and other materials. Due to the particularity of the product, the packaging bag must meet the requirements of moisture-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, easy to stack, not easy to slip, not easy to damage, impact resistance and so on!

2. Agricultural products

The valve bag is an ideal packaging container for powder, granular, flake, flocculent and thick materials such as fertilizers and pesticides used in agricultural production. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural packaging. The valve bag can realize high-speed filling, flexible valve port, neat stacking, strong firmness, no dust leakage, packaging, moisture-proof and moisture-proof. It is a packaging that is particularly popular and widely used by businesses. The use of the packaging bag saves production time and reduces labor costs for enterprises.

3. Food industry

The food industry requires environmentally friendly packaging materials. The valve pocket can just meet the packaging requirements of different products, meet the requirements of environmental protection and import and export packaging requirements, and can also be produced according to food hygiene requirements. Standing packaging, suitable for automatic filling of packaging machinery.

The role of valve bags

1. Shell protection

Items stored in packaging bags need to avoid extrusion, impact, vibration, temperature difference, etc. Anti-leakage is also a necessary factor in packaging design. Paste bottom bag packaging can separate items from oxygen, water vapor, and stains.

2. Physical protection

Some packages include desiccants or deoxidizers to extend the shelf life. Keeping food clean, fresh and safe during the shelf life is the primary function of the packaging bag. Vacuum packaging or removing the air from the packaging bag is also the main food packaging method.

3. The same package

Packing small items of the same kind into one package is a great way to save space. Powders and granular objects need to be encapsulated.

The above is the introduction of the application scope and function of the valve bottom paste machine. Since its establishment, our company has been focusing on automatic paper bag making machine, valve bottom paste machine, valve pocket bag making machine, valve bottom paper bag R&D, manufacturing and sales of complete sets of equipment and valve-to-bottom bags.