What are the process control systems of HD series square bottom machine?

High-speed automatic square-bottom machine can be referred to as HD series square-bottom machine, which refers to the square-bottom machine produced by high-tech automatic assembly line. There are many main functions of the process control system of high-speed automatic square-bottom machine. What are the PCS of the square bottom machine and what functions does it have?

HD series square bottom machine process control system

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

1. Opening quality control

Automatically detect the quality of the opening of the bag tube, and if the unqualified bag tube is opened, the bottom of the bag will not be glued, and it will be automatically removed at the exit of the main machine, and the bottom of the bag will no longer be compressed, which creates favorable conditions for manual renovation and reduces the cost of the bag tube. waste.

2. Empty bag measurement and control

It is one of the measures to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment by automatically judging the empty bag (passing without bag), blowing off the valve opening, and not applying glue, avoiding the possible shutdown caused by the invalid valve plate and gluing.

3. Traffic jam prediction and automatic braking

Once the square bottom machine is in serious traffic jam, it will be difficult to deal with, which will result in a long time of parking. This PCS has a unique traffic jam prediction function, which can quickly and automatically brake when there is a traffic jam sign, which significantly shortens the traffic jam processing time and improves the working efficiency of the equipment. At the same time, this function also has an important protective effect on the mechanical safety of the equipment.


4. Bag feeding control

When heavy bags appear, they will be automatically removed, and they will automatically stop when feeding is blocked.

5. Finished product group output

Users can set the quantity of each component according to their needs to realize automatic grouping and output.

6. Frequency conversion speed regulation and multi-point speed regulation control

The frequency conversion speed regulation makes the adjustment of the running speed of the equipment stable, fast, low noise and energy saving. The unique multi-point speed regulation control scheme, in addition to the console, allows the operators to feed the bag, the host and the finished product output. It can decelerate, stop and send signals at other positions, which improves the operating efficiency of the equipment.

7. Automatic control of glue supply

In the process of high-speed automatic square bottom machine, the paper bag is glued by automatic control of glue supply.

8. Automatic production statistics

The automatic statistics of output can count the number of production, which is convenient to understand the workload of the machine.

The above is the whole introduction of the process control system of the square bottom machine. During the operation of the square bottom machine, attention should be paid to the operation and cooperation of each system. Improper operation will easily cause material blockage and may cause mechanical damage.