What is a valve bag? What are the advantages of valve bags?

What is a valve bag? The valve bag, as the name implies, is to leave a “valve” on the package. After the bag is glued up and down, leave a feed port for machine grouting and filling, and use mechanical power or pneumatic force to load the bag from the feed port. middle. It is often used to pack powder and granular materials in building materials, chemicals, and food. Let’s learn more about the relevant knowledge about valve bags.

1. What is a valve bag

1. Definition of valve bag

The valve bag is also called the paste bottom bag. The valve bag has an insertion opening with a valve at the upper corner of the bag. When packaging, the filling nozzle is inserted into the valve opening for filling. The filling process is in a sealed state and is often used to hold some powder. The texture of the material avoids splashing and leakage, and the self-sealing can be completed with a paste bottom machine, without the need for bonding.

2. Classification of valve bags

(1) Classified by material: It can be divided into pp valve bag, PE valve bag, paper-plastic composite valve bag, kraft paper valve bag and multi-layer kraft paper valve bag. PP valve bag is made of polypropylene woven cloth upper valve port or lower valve bag, which can improve packaging efficiency than ordinary PP woven bags; PE valve bag is made of polyethylene woven cloth valve port; paper-plastic composite valve bag is It is made of plastic woven bag (cloth for short) as the base material and compounded by casting method (cloth/membrane composite is two-in-one, cloth/membrane/paper composite is three-in-one); the material of kraft paper valve bag is mainly Kraft paper, of which kraft paper is divided into imported kraft paper and domestic kraft paper.

(2) Classification according to the sealing method: According to the sealing method, the valve bag can be divided into two types: inner valve port and outer valve port. The outer valve port needs to be folded manually after the material is filled, and the inner valve bag is automatically sealed after the material is filled.

Second, the advantages of valve bags

1. High material firmness: It has the printability of paper and the moisture-proof and firmness of plastic, and it is a new type of material.

2. High packaging efficiency: It has self-sealing capability. After filling with filling equipment, self-sealing can be completed. It has the characteristics of improved packaging efficiency, convenient transportation, strong firmness, and low breakage rate.

3. Wide range of application: widely used in the packaging of powdery and granular products such as chemical raw materials, new building materials, high-tech materials, pharmaceutical additives, food additives, starch, milk fat, engineering plastics, leaf paper bags, pet food bags, etc.

4. Renewable materials: plastic bags are made of petroleum polyethylene. The raw material used is petroleum, which is already our scarce energy. In contrast, the raw material of the valve bag is trees, which are renewable resources, so the valve bag also saves resources for us.

The above is an introduction to what is a valve bag, and the advantages of the valve bag are also mentioned in the article. Valve bags have been widely used in many industries in recent years due to their convenience, easy storage, and wide range of applications. The square bottom machine produced by our Huatian Packaging Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is designed for making valve bags. For large-scale production needs, welcome to inquire and understand.